“Yanhee”, the diet pills has fatal impact on health


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Yanhee, the diet pills from a famous hospital in Thailand, has fatal impacts on various organs of human body. Many Yanhee users around world were sent to the hospitals, and Yanhee was approved to be harmful to the human body after the ingredient research in the lab of Beijing Drug Administration. It is now banned in different countries, like Europe, Australia, Singapore, etc.

       Here are some back ground information about Yanhee. Yanhee is widely used in Asian world for losing weight. It is especially popular among the young women who expect to have a perfect body figure. Yanhee is said to be the most efficient diet pills in the world. Most users of Yanhee have said that they could lose up to 30lbs to 40lbs in a month without working out or limitation of food, which really catches those people who want to shed ponds but are too lazy to work out. The merchants of Yanhee all advertised that Yanhee is a prescription medicine, which is safe for people and that, it is made out of herbs. The users have to write some medical information to those merchants and let those merchants buy the Yanhee for themselves. However, Yanhee is neither safe nor made of herbal substances.

       Almost every Yanhee’s user’s comment has indicated that the medicine is really effective but it also has various side effects; the most common side effects are extreme thirst, tachycardia, frequent micturition, depression and lost of appetite. A user on twitter named “Lierer” recorded her “Yanhee diary” on twitter. The first day she took a photo of the scale which showed that she had lost 3lbs in a day, and she posted “I’m so excited, Yanhee is like a cure all, I didn’t had any side effect today, except I felt thirsty all the time.” After a week, she wrote: “It has been a week, I’ve lost 12 ponds, but I can feel my heart beating so fast that I can’t go to sleep at night, and I’m so thirsty that my throat started to swell. Oh well, I think it just because my metabolism is working too well because of Yanhee.” After one period of treatment, she posted a photo before she had taken Yanhee, and another one after she took Yanhee, she apparently got skinnier. She wrote: “I have been really depressed these days, and my body feels so weak lately. The only good thing is that I’m finally 90lbs right now.” “Lierer” is about 5’6, 90lbs is not a healthy weight for her. After another six months, “Lierer” posted another tweet about Yanhee, “The pounds all came back and I got heavier, I went to the doctor for a body check up, he said that I would not be able to be pregnant in a year, because my hormonal system is all messed up. Girls, stay away from those drugs, they are poison!” A student from Pepperdine Janny Wang said “One of my friends was addicted to Yanhee, because she had fear of gaining weight again, as a result, she was sent to the emergency room because of cardio failure.” According to those users’ feedbacks, it indicates that Yanhee is harmful to human body.

       The ingredient of Yanhee is a banned drug after it was sent to the lab in Beijing drug administration. The ingredients of Yanhee are not natural ingredient at all. The ingredient includes diuretic, Amphetamine, Sibutramine, Fenfluramine, etc. These ingredients long term result can be severe, such as kidney failure, cardio failure, mental disorder, and infertility. Over dosing of Yanhee can be even fatal to those drug users. Zhongshi Sun, an expert in Beijing drug administration said: “The consumers have inadequate knowledge about the diet, and they are lack of rational thinking which makes them to blindly trust on Yanhee. The result can be really tragic.”

       People need to conceive their body image rationally, do not follow the trend. Yanhee not only destroys physical health, but also destroys people’s mental health. The only way to keep fit is to eat healthy and maintain exercise. A healthy diet can be beneficial in many ways for people in a life time, but a diet pill can ruin everything by only one dose.